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  • Posted in: Member Exchange

    The countdown is on: SOAHR officially kicks off at 7:45am on Monday, August 3! 🔺 IMPORTANT INFO FOR REGISTERED ATTENDEES🔺 If you have not received an email granting you access to the conference yet, please do the following: Check your email ...

  • Posted in: Coffee Talk

    Welcome to our HR tribe! Atlanta has plenty of cool things to do including visiting Stone Mountain and the Aquarium. I'm not a sushi fan but another cool place to visit is OK Cafe and try the fried cheese grits. Yummy. Best of luck on your move and ...

  • Posted in: Member Exchange

    ​Hello. I am interested in knowing if anyone uses computer based testing software or exam software for pre-employment testing that is more client/server based or could be put on a portable server. We currently use paper-pencil exams; however, due to ...

  • Posted in: Member Exchange

    Hi Does anyone have a Corporate Gift and Entertainment policy that they would be willing to share? I am seeking a policy that specifically outlines that internal gift values that exceed certain dollar value limits that are required to be considered ...

  • Posted in: Member Exchange

    Hi - many of the school districts have meetings this week to discuss how this virtual learning is going to take place and they will have more information for parents at the end of the week. One client of mine has an unused space in their building big ...

  • Posted in: Member Exchange

    Keep in mind these are the Department of Labor (DOL) guidelines on FMLA. It will be important for your organization when you communicate that you state the facts as close to the law as possible. If your organization has something above and beyond, you ...

  • Posted in: Member Exchange

    Good Evening Marquita, This is very clear and extremely helpful. Thank you so much for taking the time to respond. Stay safe, Teresa ------------------------------ Teresa Vanderlaan Global Human Resources Manager AJC International Atlanta GA 404-889-3773 ...

  • Posted in: Member Exchange

    Karan, Thank you for your response. I believe I have located someone to speak to my staff. That being said, I checked out the website for the Atlanta Center for Mindfulness and Well-Being. I believe I might follow up with them in the future as I was very ...

  • Posted in: Member Exchange

    Hello everyone, I'll be handling our drug free workplace re-certification for 2020 and I was hoping that someone could recommend some web based training materials for both our managers and employees? Ideally we would love to find something low cost ...

  • Posted in: Member Exchange

    Hi everyone, I am looking for resources (training programs, reference materials, etc.), that could give our staff some guidance on developing strategies to be more supportive managers for people working through issues in their personal lives. Something ...

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  • The countdown is on: SOAHR officially kicks off at 7:45am on Monday, August 3! 🔺 IMPORTANT INFO FOR REGISTERED ATTENDEES🔺 If you have not received ... Read More

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